Sharks are just water sergals

So idk what to put here. I'm trashyfins of Chomp Life. I do shitty code (most of which no one will see because it's so shitty and because no one uses it).

Otherwise, don't mind my shitty dust here qwq

Here you'll find links to my Git and WriteFreely sites. I have a Nextcloud, but like, idk.

They were all grand fucking pains in the goddamn buttholes to make work (because developers are bad at writing instructions for the incompetent [me]).

,,,,, or it just means i'm Actually Bad at this and i shouldn't be touching anything

idk ;w;

Git WriteFreely

u can send me spooky gay memes using the following shout stick:

5103 093F D130 C525 34BF 4DA6 5D3B E0AE 3B63 FCD9